• 4 Things You'Ll Need To Have Before Opening Your Catering Business

    If you're planning to start a catering business, you may want to provide convenient services to the people who rent out your event space. Rather than preparing their own foods and beverages, clients can receive all-in-one packages offered by your catering company. They'll get to rent out the event space, have the tables set for them, and have food served to their guests without worrying about doing all the work. Before you start providing these services, you'll need to invest in some necessary equipment.
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  • Pairing Sauterne Wine: What Tastes Good With This Beverage?

    Were you recently given a bottle of sauterne wine? Someone you know may have decided to purchase the wine for you as a gift for a special occasion because he or she believed it would be something you'd enjoy. If you're planning to test it out with your family and friends, you're probably going to want to have some treats prepared to serve with it. Because it's a sweet wine, it often tastes best when it's paired with some savory finger foods because then you'd have the perfect combination of sweet and savory.
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