4 Things You'Ll Need To Have Before Opening Your Catering Business

Posted on: 26 April 2018

If you're planning to start a catering business, you may want to provide convenient services to the people who rent out your event space. Rather than preparing their own foods and beverages, clients can receive all-in-one packages offered by your catering company. They'll get to rent out the event space, have the tables set for them, and have food served to their guests without worrying about doing all the work. Before you start providing these services, you'll need to invest in some necessary equipment.

Buffet Stations

Many of the clients you'll work with may prefer having a buffet because then their guests can easily grab all the different foods they prefer. Buffet-style catering is convenient for guests because they don't have to worry about being served a plate of food consisting of things they don't eat. They can come up to the buffet stations and serve themselves as much or as little of the different entrees and side dishes that are being offered at the event. As a result, less food gets wasted because guests are serving themselves.

You can purchase buffet stations from wholesale food equipment suppliers. The supplier may have several stylish buffet stations for you to choose from. You'll need to browse through the options and decide on a style that looks elegant enough to have out at different events, including birthday parties, graduation parties, and even anniversaries.

Reusable Linen

Rather than expecting clients to purchase linen for the tables inside of your establishment, make sure you're offering this service for them. If you're providing table linen, they won't have to go out and purchase assorted table covers, so they'll save some time and a few extra dollars. It's better to purchase reusable linen that you can wash when the event is over and reuse for the next event that takes place. Order linen based on the size and shape of the different tables inside of your venue. You may choose to purchase a few different color options to give clients an opportunity to choose which color they'd like to use for their event.

Chafing Dishes

Invest in several chafing dishes of different sizes. The chafing dishes are ideal for keeping main entrees and assorted side dishes warm throughout the duration of the event. You don't want the food to get cold because then guests at the event may be disappointed with the taste of what they're eating simply because it's not hot enough and doesn't taste right cold. Keep in mind that different types of dishes may need different fuel, so plan accordingly.

Beverage Dispensing Machines

Provide plenty of options for your clients by supplying them with beverage dispensing machines to use during their special events. These machines may be filled with all different types of cold or even frozen beverages, such as soda, homemade juice, flavored water, and frozen slushies. Make sure you're getting machines that are easy to use and transport. You may be able to place them off to the side with the buffet stations, making it easy for guests of the different events to grab their drinks after they've filled their plates with plenty of food.

Do you want to provide a service where people can rent out your event space and rely on you to cater their event so that it's one less thing they'll have to do? If so, you'll need to have the right equipment to meet the needs of your clients. Some of the equipment you should invest in would include buffet stations, reusable linen, chafing dishes in different sizes, and some beverage dispensing machines. Look into Vollrath equipment suppliers and companies that sell other brands of equipment to ensure you get what you need.