Making K-Cup Coffee Even Better

Posted on: 30 March 2022

K-cup coffee and k-cup coffee brewers are pretty awesome. You can brew one cup at a time, so no coffee goes to waste. You can brew much faster than with your average drip coffee maker. And everyone in your family can have their own favorite kind of coffee every day; you don't all have to opt for the same thing. If you're already enjoying these benefits of k-cups, don't rest on your laurels. Here are some ways you can make k-cups and using your k-cup brewer even more awesome.

Look for other hot beverage k-cups too.

Coffee k-cups are the most common, and most people consider the Keurig machine to be a coffee maker. However, k-cup coffee brewers can also make other hot beverages. Look for k-cups that are made to brew hot chocolate, tea, and even hot apple cider at your local store. There are even some companies that make herbal tea k-cups, which are nice for when you want a warm beverage without a caffeine hit.

Purchase some reusable k-cups.

There are a lot of varieties of coffee that come in k-cups. But if you have a favorite coffee that you can't seem to find in a k-cup, there is an easy solution. Purchase a reusable k-cup. These are generally made from hard plastic and wire mesh. You put your coffee inside one, brew as you would with a normal k-cup, and then rinse out the reusable cup. Reuse it as many times as you like. Some people also like this because it's a "greener" solution than using single-use k-cups.

Make a "cheater's" latte.

If you love lattes, there is an easy way to make one with your k-cup brewer. Start with a large mug and add about 4 ounces of milk to it. Microwave the milk to warm it just slightly. Stir in some sugar, if desired. Then, brew your coffee into the cup of milk, using the lowest setting on your k-cup brewer. The result will be a latte that's the perfect temperature to drink, not too strong, and not too milky. You can substitute almond or oat milk, if desired, to make a vegan version.

If you try one or more of the ideas above, then you'll really fall in love with your k-cup brewer. Make sure you share these ideas with your family members too. They can implement some of them, and you'll all get the most out of your machine and k-cups.

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