Top 9 Yummiest Food Gifts That You Need To Give This Holiday Season

Posted on: 27 November 2017

Everyone loves a good food gift. We're not talking boring, overpriced fruit in a basket or towers of salty sausage and cheese, though. People want little bits of luxury. Items that are too expensive -- both in the sense of dollars and calories -- for everyday consumption. 

1. Homemade Cookies - It wouldn't be the holidays without cookies. While everyone pretty much hates the idea of attending a cookie exchange, the cookies themselves are pretty awesome. Why not try a new twist at the office or for the teachers at your child's school. A 'Reverse Cookie Exchange' is a simple idea whose time has come. Basically, you make a variety of cookies and set them out in a break room. Leave little boxes for people to fill up and take home. 

2. Truffles - For the chef in your life, truffles may be the ultimate food gift. These yummy members of the mushroom family are pricey, but nothing else quite tastes like them. One of the reasons that they are in such demand is that truffles cannot be commercially farmed and must be scavenged from the wild. 

3. Good Chocolate - Chocolate lovers dig getting the good stuff. Not the five pound, foil-wrapped Hershey's Kiss, but the chocolate imported from Belgium, the land of good chocolate. Whether your intended recipient prefers milk or dark chocolate, they will always appreciate high quality chocolate. They may not share, but they will definitely appreciate it. Did you know the average Belgian eats over 15 pounds of chocolate each year? There's a reason for that. 

4. Toffee - Toffee is a special kind of yumminess that is prevalent around the holidays. There is something truly special about that blend of rich butter and caramelized sugar covered in melted chocolate that can't be duplicated. A box of butter almond toffee is always sure to please. 

5. Wine - If you have a oenophile on your list this year, a gift of good wine is always a safe bet. Choosing the right vintage can be a bit daunting, however. Luckily, high end markets and wine shops offer the services of qualified experts or even a true sommelier to help you choose just the right bottle. 

6.  Coffee - While a pound of coffee is sure to be less expensive than a bottle of good wine, it is still a much-appreciated food gift. The love of good coffee is just as fierce and deep as the love for good wine. 

7. Olive Oil - High quality, extra virgin olive oil is great gift for anyone that likes to cook. While the local grocery store may carry the stuff, you want to go to a specialty store -- maybe even a boutique olive oil store -- to buy a premium brand. Some stores even have aged olive oil in barrels for you to taste test before buying.  

8. Macaron - For the Francophile in your life, authentic macarons are a special treat. This French cookie is comprised of two meringue-like cookies with a fruit or chocolate filling, but they are so much more. Americans love for these pastel-colored confections may have eclipsed our love for the cupcake, but who can blame us. Macarons are downright adorable.

9. Nuts - While allergies are always a concern, a gift of nuts is always a tried and true classic. Pistachios and macadamia nuts are too expensive for weekly grocery store purchases, but make the perfect -- and protein-packed -- gift for family and friends at the holiday. Or, go even more traditional and give shelled nuts with a nutcracker. Feeling nostalgic yet? 

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