Three Strategies For Throwing A Perfect Holiday Bash

Posted on: 29 November 2017

If you've recently moved out on your own, you're probably looking forward to hosting gatherings for friends and family in your homeand—and you'll naturally want to create the best possible experience for your guests. Even if you've got the main food and drink down, there are other aspects of throwing a great holiday bash—the following are three of them. 

Decorate the Foyer

Creating a festive seasonal ambiance in your indoor living space begins with the entryway. Welcome guests to your home with a miniature holiday tree festooned with lights and ornaments set on top of a small corner table. If there is room, place a scented candle on the surface of the table along with a plate of holiday goodies such as homemade sugar cookies and chocolates that guests are welcome to choose from after they arrive. If you've got a large foyer, consider setting up a small seating area to make it easier for those who wish to remove winter boots. 

Set a Festive Table 

No matter what you serve for dinner, a tablescape that reflects the joy of the season will make the meal memorable in the minds of guests. However, one of the biggest mistakes that those new to hosting make is to use scented candles at the table—this can compete with the flavors of the food that you've prepared. Fragrance-free tea light, tapered, or pillar candles provide illumination without clashing with the scents and smells of the food you've worked hard on. 

Another common mistake made by those new to seasonal entertaining is using a centerpiece that includes fresh evergreen boughs. Like scented candles, these smell heavenly, but their aroma doesn't mix well with food and drink. Creative centerpieces for holiday gatherings could include a fun wooden rendition of Santa, his sleigh, and his reindeer team or a beautifully crafted Nativity scene. You could even strew colorful bulbs around the table for a festive accent. Don't be afraid to use your imagination to put together a creative tablescape. 

Send Guests Home With Goodies

Purchase some decorated bags and fill them with goodies so that each guest can take a memento of your holiday gathering home with them. Fill the bags with personalized items such as cookies made from a holiday sugar cookie recipe that's been in your family for generations. Guests will enjoy the thoughtful, personal touch and will think of you fondly whenever they enjoy one of the sugar cookies. 

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