Are You Hosting A Christmas Brunch?

Posted on: 5 December 2017

Are you known in the circle of your family and friends of being the Hostess With The Mostest? If so, you might be planning to host a Christmas brunch. Whether your event is on Christmas Day or whether it's on another day during the Christmas holidays, from the invitations to buying sugar-free food items, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a fun and memorable Christmas brunch. 

​The Invitations - Of course, if your brunch will be served to your own family or others who will already be staying in your home, no invitation will be needed. However, if you are hosting a Christmas brunch for others, think about sending a festive invitation through the regular postal system. Think of a clever way you can design the invitation yourself. For example, find a traditional picture of Santa and put a chef's hat and apron on him. Add words like You're On Santa's List For Brunch At Our House. Another idea is to make a gingerbread house invitation out of colored construction paper with little windows that actually open. Each window could give information that is needed. For example, one window might give the date of your brunch and another window might give the time.

The Food - Since it's a brunch, it will be fun to include breakfast items and lunch items on a Christmas buffet table. For example, have mini ham sandwiches and tiny croissants filled with chicken salad. Consider having a pancake buffet. Offer a variety,  like buttermilk pancakes, chocolate pancakes and gingerbread pancakes. And, include a large selection of toppings for the pancakes. Besides traditional maple syrup, include things like boysenberry, strawberry and chocolate syrup.

Don't forget that some of your guests may not tolerate sugar well. Sugar free syrup comes in a variety of flavors and it is very affordable. Even though the label will indicate that the syrup is ​Sugar Free, it might still be helpful to have a little sign in front of those syrup bottles. Just get a little index card, decorate it with simple hand-painted holly and in cute script, write words like Sugar Free For The Sweetest Among Us. 

Do you want to send a treat home with those who come to your Christmas brunch? Think of sending little bottles of syrup, including sugar-free syrups, home with your guests. Tie a festive red ribbon around the bottles and you're good to go.