Be Sure That Your Commercial Refrigerator Is Equipped With These Things

Posted on: 6 December 2017

Every experienced restaurant owner knows the importance of having the right equipment, including commercial refrigerators. If you're new to the restaurant business and are in the midst of setting up your kitchen, one of your first purchases should be one or more commercial refrigerators. As you look at the different models that are available, don't strictly focus on the price. While lower-end fridges might be friendly to your budget, they may also lack the attributes that you'll want. Here are some things that your commercial refrigerator should be equipped with.

Self-Closing Doors

In a busy kitchen where staff members jostle around for position and hurriedly prepare meals, people will go into the commercial fridge countless times each shift. You want to be sure that the product you buy is equipped with self-closing doors. In the busy nature of a kitchen, it's easy for someone to mistakenly leave one of the fridge's doors open. This can be detrimental in two ways — doing so allows the internal temperature of the appliance to rise, which can cause the fridge to run and thus increase your electricity usage, and there's also a risk of food spoiling, especially if this blunder is committed at the end of the night.

Interior Lights

Not all commercial refrigerators are outfitted with lights inside them, and while a brightly lit kitchen may allow a staff member to see what he or she is looking for, this task won't be as easy as with a fridge that has interior lights. LED lights, in particular, offer a high level of brightness but their low drain on power means that they will hardly increase your monthly utility bills. Interior lights increase the probability of your kitchen staff being able to identify products that might otherwise be overlooked and eventually go bad, which will cost you money.

Adjustable Shelves

Each restaurant kitchen has different needs, which means that a head chef or kitchen manager will set up the kitchen in his or her own way. To give your staff this flexibility, try to buy a commercial refrigerator that offers adjustable shelves. Being able to position the shelves for short items, tall items, and everything in between allows your kitchen staff to maximize the storage space inside your commercial refrigerator. You're paying to chill the contents of this appliance, so you might as well fill it up — and adjustable shelving can help you in this regard.

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