How To Install Hanging Kitchen Racks

Posted on: 13 December 2017

Kitchen racks can add much-needed storage space to your kitchen as well as provide ready access to cooking utensils and accessories. However, they must be installed in the proper manner, or the racks and all of their contents may come crashing onto the kitchen floor.

Installation involves a careful assessment of the kitchen walls, and in the case of racks that hold heavy items, such as a hanging lid and pot rack, may require placement only in specific areas that can provide adequate support.

Hanging a Spice Rack

Having a spice rack installed close to your cooking and preparation area can provide convenient access to your most used spices. Fortunately, spice racks don't carry a heavy load, so they can be installed in every type of wall material.

Installation into drywall, the most prevalent wall material in most kitchens, requires the use of drywall anchors in addition to screws. These anchors require holes to be drilled into the drywall (the package of the anchors will indicate the proper size of drill bit to use). The anchors are then placed inside the holes, and the spice rack placed against the wall.

Screws are then installed into the anchors, which expand inside the wall as the screws are fully inserted, providing a stable installation.

Hanging a Lid and Pot Rack

This type of rack, which consists of a series of horizontal bars, provides space for lids to be inserted atop the bars and staggered spaces for pots to be hung by "S" shaped hooks. Lid and pot racks save valuable cupboard space and allow easy access to the size of pot and lid needed for a specific cooking task.

However, these racks support a heavy load, and cannot be installed in drywall unless they are connected to a wall stud in the wall. If the location of wall studs in the kitchen is unknown to the installer, a stud finder is used. 

This tool finds wall stud locations by locating the metal nails inside the wooden studs. Unfortunately, studs may not be located in the preferred area for a pot and lid rack installation. Alternate locations can be determined by the use of the stud finder. 

If no suitable locations can be found, you can always find a wall corner pot rack for sale. Each corner of your kitchen has wall studs available for installation, so you only need to pick a suitable corner.

There are racks available for every kitchen, but not every rack is suitable for every kitchen. Inspect the kitchen before purchasing your racks.