4 Ways To Use Whole Coffee Beans In Desserts

Posted on: 26 July 2021

One of the main uses for coffee beans is to brew a fresh cup of coffee, but you can expand the way you enjoy the fresh and flavorful beans. The next time you purchase coffee, like a 2 lb bag whole bean Colombian coffee, consider various ways to infuse the beans into various desserts.

1. Coffee Bean Bark

Bark-based desserts are a common treat around the holidays, and you can infuse even more flavor into the bark with a coffee-bean-based recipe. Coffee beans are infused with chocolate chips and form a hard bark that breaks off into individual pieces. For the best result, you should grind the coffee beans down into small grains.

Evenly spread the grains over the top of melted chocolate chips and then layer on melted white chocolate to create different flavors.

2. No-Bake Coffee Energy Bites

Coffee beans provide a nice boost of caffeine and will provide an extra boost of energy when used with other ingredients like protein. A no-bake coffee bite recipe includes dates, cashews, chocolate chips, and cashews blended down and then mixed together to form small balls. The dates help all the elements cling to each other.

The cashew and coffee flavors pair well and the chocolate chips ensure the taste is not too bitter when you eat the bites. The small treats are ideal for an on-the-go snack option.

3. Coffee Ice Cream

If you have your own ice cream maker at home, then consider creating a flavorful coffee ice cream. You could create a straight-up coffee flavor or chose to infuse other flavor options in the mix. Essentially, coffee beans are mixed with heavy cream for several hours to really soak up the flavors.

The beans are then strained out so the rest of the ice cream features a smooth texture without hard chunks.

4. Coffee Cookies

There are dozens of cookie recipes you can infuse coffee beans into. The coffee adds an extra kick and pairs well with other ingredients like cinnamon, coconut, or chocolate. Essentially, you can take your favorite cookie recipe and add some ground coffee to the mix. Ensure the beans are ground up finely so it mixes well with the rest of the dough.

You will typically need less than a teaspoon of coffee beans to add to your recipe. The coffee has a strong flavor and you do not want the grounds to create too much crunch. The minimal amount will cook in with each cookie you bake.

Play around and try different recipes to see what kind of coffee creations you can come up with and enjoy the most.